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Butterfly and Bee Pollination Activity

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This week we learned the letter B (check it out here) and focused on butterflies and bees so we decided to do an experiment (idea based on Abeka curriculum) to help us understand why pollination is important to butterflies, bees, and flowers.

We needed to first talk about what pollination means. We discussed this to mean that bees and butterflies take pollen from one flower to another. We talked about how this helps not only the bees and butterflies, but also the flowers.

 What Is Pollination?

For our experiment we needed a few pictures of flowers, some cooking flour, a little bit of water, and a pan. We set up in the floor in the kitchen so if we made a mess it wouldn’t be horrible!

First, we printed off a picture of a few different flowers. You could do two or more pictures as well, but I wanted to keep it as contained as possible. A small bit of flour was poured into one flower in the picture.

There is a pizza pan on the floor with a picture of two purple flowers.  There is a little girl sitting next to the pan.  Her finger is touching some cooking flower as she is learning about why pollination is important.

Next, I wiped C’s finger with a wipe to get it a bit wet. The finger does not need to be extremely wet, but just damp. A wet rag would have also worked, but as long as the finger just gets damp.

Then, I had C put her finger in the flour in the flower. This got a little bit of the flour on her finger. We looked at her finger and talk about about how her finger is like a butterfly and bee. They pick up the pollen or flour from flowers to give to other flowers.

This picture has a little girl sitting on the floor showing her finger to the camera as she is experimenting with why pollination is important.  On the finger there is a little amount of cooking flour.  On the floor in front of the little girl, there is a picture of two purple flowers on a pizza pan.

She then put her finger on the other flower. Voila, she pollinated the flower. We talked about this is how flowers mix and grow. Also butterflies and bees need this to pollen as food.


She loved it so much and continued to work on pollinating the flowers until they were both covered in flour.

A little girl is sitting on the floor

I hope your child can use this activity to learn about why pollination is important and how it occurs. I think we will repeat this activity over and over again with more in depth research each year.

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