Pictured are a jug of coffee, milk and some pastries on raised plates. Above the pictures it reads: "Teaching with Faith: Coffee Shop Dramatic Play Packet."
Dramatic Play Packets

Coffee Shop Dramatic Play Packet

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This week we created a Coffee Shop Dramatic Play area in our play room. C loves different types of dramatic play and it is a great way to teach vocabulary, social skills, pre-writing skills, counting, pre-reading skills, etc. I had do a coffee shop in my classroom when I taught, but just had hand made signs and such. For C, I made them all printable so it would be easy to create and keep for the future.

A little girl is kneeling in front of a coffee shop dramatic play area pouring a cup of coffee from a coffee pot.  There are tea pots, milk jugs, sugar, and another coffee cup on the shelf in front of her with the coffee machine.

C loves to make tea with her teapots and always tells us that she drinks tea instead of coffee because she is little. I knew that she would love this dramatic play set because there was a real coffee pot as well as real coffee cups. I held onto some jugs of milk and sugar boxes we had from our grocery store dramatic play area (check it out here) and added those as well.

A little girl is pouring pretend milk from a small jug into an orange and blue coffee cup. 
 The coffee cup is sitting on a yellow table.  Hanging from the little girl's neck is a lanyard with a tag on it that shows that she is a barista in a coffee shop dramatic play area.

She loves it!! We have drank so much coffee together it is crazy!! One day she brought her coffee upstairs and sat in her chair and told us she was gonna drink her coffee while she watches the news.

A little girl is sitting in a child's chair pretending to drink coffee from the orange and blue coffee mug from the coffee shop dramatic play area mentioned above while watching tv.

This dramatic play packet will also be great for the little ones. D loves to make coffee as well. So we let him pour pretend coffee all day. He loves to blow it off because we remind him all the time that coffee is hot!

A toddler boy is pretending to make coffee in a coffee machine.  He is not using a coffee pot though, but he put an orange and blue coffee cup where the pot would go.  In the background, hangs the sign of the Coffee Shop dramatic play area.

Please enjoy this dramatic play area with your child.

Click here to download your own copy!

This is a large image showing a person pouring milk into an ice coffee cup.  The person's hands and apron are the only thing that you can see of the person.  On top of the image, there is a title that reads: "Coffee Shop Dramatic Play: Teaching with Faith."

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